Delve Deep

Greetings to all!
Welcome and thank you for checking in with Ariel View Energetics, I appreciate the visit.

It has taken much time and inner search to arrive at this moment. I feel immense gratitude for those who have supported and sustained me on my path.

The eternal nature of the soul’s journey has been a great realization. The journey is what we all have consciously or unconsciously in common. We are all a collective, connected force in evolution, each with an individual, intricate routing.  How amazing is this creation!

I can say that it is for me the greatest honour to  serve and assist a soul on his or her path. It is a sacred position, by invitation only, but one that everyone actually shares in on some level, knowingly or not.

To look deeply within and research the inner recesses is perhaps the noblest undertaking at any time. Not only is it precious for our own self but a true gift for everyone else as well. For as one wet cloth dampens another next to it, so does delving deep into one’s own heart convey this very notion to another.

More to come.

With blessings and love,


About Ariel View Energetics, Alexandra Velickovic

A Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Alexandra offers hands-on healing, hypnosis and intuitive readings. Her presence and touch provide tranquility, balance and peace. Alexandra's work empowers others to engage in their own healing.
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