Suddenly September

Greetings to all and thank you for visiting!

It’s suddenly September and newness is upon us.

Last month I successfully completed two more levels at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California and received a Master Hypnotist Diploma.  It’s been delightful to learn and have healing through the amazing process of hypnosis. I am now pleased to begin offering Hypnotherapy sessions as a part of my services. Please note that hypnosis can be used either in combination with the energy modalities (Reiki and IET) or on its own. Very empowering healing can take place for those motivated to simply relax and be guided by their own higher self. Yes, it’s really that easy.

My days at the lovely Stillpoint Wellness Center are once again Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please visit for easy online booking.

There was a lot of great work and beautiful progress for those who took advantage of the good summer-long deal. May your healing journey continue to blossom!

I would like to offer any new clients the special rate of $110/hr and $150/1.5 hrs on their first visit.

In these times, healing is truly a gift to yourself.

Best and blessings,


About Ariel View Energetics, Alexandra Velickovic

A Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Alexandra offers hands-on healing, hypnosis and intuitive readings. Her presence and touch provide tranquility, balance and peace. Alexandra's work empowers others to engage in their own healing.
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