February 2012

Hello and many thanks to all those who have taken a moment to leave their feedback and encouragement. I very much appreciate the inspiration and as we propel each other along, there is benefit for all.


Reiki is the foundation of my practice. By channeling healing energy I am an instrument, a conduit for people to draw benevolent life-force energy to themselves. All that is required of the other person is agreement and willingness to receive it. As a neutral transmitter, I hold an energetic space for healing to occur and I set the intention that the energy serve the highest good of the person I am assisting. The energy is drawn in and automatically directed to where it’s required in the body. This can be done by the gentle laying-on of hands or it can work without any touching.  It can be sent to someone at a distance as well. The experience of this energy brings soothing relaxation to the client, enabling and empowering their own natural resources toward their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. Reiki energy healing is completely natural and complementary to any other therapy.

More to come!

With blessings,


About Ariel View Energetics, Alexandra Velickovic

A Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Alexandra offers hands-on healing, hypnosis and intuitive readings. Her presence and touch provide tranquility, balance and peace. Alexandra's work empowers others to engage in their own healing.
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