Past Life Readings and Regressions

As a reincarnating energetic being, have you ever wondered who you’ve been in a previous time and how it may relate to the present? Finding out about past lives may sound far-fetched to some, but accessing this information is easier than you might think. I offer two ways to explore this fascinating and potentially deep, healing journey.

Past life regression through hypnosis is a great way to explore various patterns of the past that we continue to carry into this lifetime. After a few minutes of relaxing and deepening comfortably into a safe hypnotic state, your own sub-conscious will guide you to a previous lifetime that holds a theme which is helpful and relevant to the present. As a facilitator on your journey I support a safe space and gently guide and prompt your process along.

Having a past-life reading is like having an intuitive reading. The appropriate information for your highest benefit at the time is revealed by your spirit which I then convey to you. Your spirit knows what it needs to heal in the order that it needs to be healed. Details such as, place, time, gender and the significance of why knowing about that life is important for you now are all things that can come to light during a past-life reading.

I have seen this work bring great understanding to the present as well as a profound cognition of one’s being. Feel free to contact me for an appointment!

Best and blessings,


About Ariel View Energetics, Alexandra Velickovic

A Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Alexandra offers hands-on healing, hypnosis and intuitive readings. Her presence and touch provide tranquility, balance and peace. Alexandra's work empowers others to engage in their own healing.
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