About Alexandra


Reiki Master Teacher and Hands-on Healer

Alexandra is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, a shamanic practitioner, a Hypnotist, and a clairvoyant psychic.  She has dedicated her life to exploring sacred connections and serving others.

Alexandra is guided by Divine Source during a healing. She is a channel, using hands-on methods to help clients relax, restore and free themselves from unwanted energies and opening them to powerful healing and transformation. Her intuitive abilities bring clarity, healing and insight to life situations.

Extensive healing arts training

Alexandra’s own healing journey intensified when she went to India in 1996. Of the 13 years she lived there, 10 were spent living in remote areas and very simple conditions where she studied spiritual philosophy, literature and classical Indian music. Her remaining years there were challenging – a traumatic life change affected her profoundly. Using energy healing to ease her pain, Alexandra realized she could share what she learned to help others.

Her first step was becoming certified in Reiki, the Usui System of Natural Healing. Later, in New York, Alexandra became a Reiki Master Teacher and completed the Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy program. Completing advanced level shamanic “Compassionate Depossession” training tied all of her abilities together.

Feeling she was being guided to relocate, Alexandra moved her healing practice to the Bay Area in 2010. Further expanding her approach, Alexandra has received a Master Hypnotist Diploma from the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California.

Inspiration from John of God                                              


In 2009, Alexandra experienced a revelation. While attending a healing event with Brazilian healer John of God, he looked into her hand and called the surrounding people over. “See the hand of a healer!” he said, showing her hand to them.  “I will help you.” he told her, “Come to Brazil.”

That powerful moment led to Alexandra spending three months in Brazil, where the healer’s dedication, gentleness and grace inspired the same in her. Deeply moved by her encounter, Alexandra’s healing capabilities grew and she began to offer her gifts to people in need. She has made many trips to Brazil since then.

Alexandra is an Ordained Minister and attends and assists weekly class at The Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael. She is currently in Level 9.1.

She has volunteered at the annual Women’s Spa Day at the JCC in NYC, Vibrant Reiki Community Clinic in San Francisco and at the Charlotte-Maxwell Complementary Clinic for women with cancer also in San Francisco.

On a personal note

A Toronto native, Alexandra is an avid traveler and speaks Serbian, French and Hindi fluently. Other passions include classical piano and North Indian classical temple music.

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