An Afternoon of Healing in LA

Personal Energy Management

An Afternoon of Healingunnamed

Presented by

And guest practitioner

Cost: $65

Saturday, May 30, 1 pm – 4:30 pm

8885 Venice Blvd., Suite 205G, Los Angeles, CA 90034

(Corner of Venice and National Blvd.; one block east from Robertson Ave. exit of 10 East freeway)

During this afternoon of healing participants will be supported in exploring the use of foundational tools such as:

Grounding – why is it so important? How do we do it? How do we maintain it?
Color and vibration – we will look at how to use color to raise and set a vibration (tone/mood) for various life situations.
Chakras – developing awareness of the body’s energy centers (chakras), exploring the difference between a balanced state, a reactive state and a healing state.

Practical tools to be used in everyday life.
How to preserve your energy when you are working with people.
How thoughts and words can affect a person’s energy field and how to protect yourself from unwanted influences.
About the ancient use of charms, spells and prayers in Russian and Folk Medicine of different cultures, and the effects such methods have on you.
How to protect yourself from negative practices still used in the 21st century.

There will be a healing for the group to conclude the workshop

To schedule a private healing or reading with Alexandra on Sunday, May 31st please contact her directly at

(415) 450-7862

Enrollment is limited to 20 participants to ensure that everyonehas a supported healing experience. Please call to reserve your spot:

(310) 948-2968


Dr. Shaginyan is an MD licensed to practice medicine in the former USSR and licensed acupuncturist in California. He received his medical degree from Moscow Medical School, the highest ranked in Russia and is trained in a number specialties, including psychiatry, pediatrics, neurology and other areas such as herbology, healing and integrative medicine. He has published over 30 articles on alternative medicine and has been a guest in several radio and TV shows.


Alexandra is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Shaman, Master Hypnotist, Medium and Clairvoyant Psychic. She has spent thirteen years as a student and spiritual seeker in India and from her rich life experience brings a gracious dedication to her healing practice. Alexandra’s work carries a deep compassion and respect for all beings and is rooted in a sense of service, empowering others to engage in their own healing process. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area and attends The Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, California.

About Ariel View Energetics, Alexandra Velickovic

A Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Alexandra offers hands-on healing, hypnosis and intuitive readings. Her presence and touch provide tranquility, balance and peace. Alexandra's work empowers others to engage in their own healing.
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