Healing services

Reiki and Complementary Services
for Deep Relaxation and Healing

Come experience the gentle touch that helps your body let go of tension and engage its natural healing power. Alexandra intuitively combines Reiki and related energy therapies, allowing you to relax and restore your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Through Reiki, the basis of her practice, Alexandra addresses your body as an entire energy system. This subtle and soothing energy work will give you a feeling of peace with healing benefits that can unfold for up to a week after your session.

Integrated Energy Therapy
IET connects with divine angelic energy to help you let go of suppressed negative patterns that may prevent you from leading a fulfilling life. This therapy offers compassionate support for people who have suffered childhood traumas or are overcoming serious illnesses. In your restful session with Alexandra, she incorporates IET to bring you insightful guidance in support of your healing and transformation.

Complementary therapies
Alexandra continues to expand her therapeutic universe with ongoing development in intuitive healing. Her clairvoyance serves as a foundation to all her work. In each personalized session she draws on different tools to help you feel soothed and rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit.

Alexandra welcomes your questions and can be contacted by phone at (415) 450-7862.

List of Healing Services

Reiki (in-person) $195/hr

Intuitive reading $150/hr (can be done virtually or in-person)

Hypnosis $150/hr

NB. I am only accepting cash or cheque or payment by Venmo at this time.

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