Alexandra is a gifted healer who gently guides your opening process. San Francisco is blessed to have such a loving, wise and powerful woman to be with it’s citizens in their
healing. It has been a pleasure to work with her as she creates a safe and nurturing environment to approach one’s pain, fear and hidden wounds. The added bonus is that she is a down to earth, modern woman who is very relatable – something very rare in healing circles today. I highly suggest her to anyone who wishes to heal.

Frank, New York City

“Alexandra’s work is deep, affecting the physical, mental, emotional as well as the energetic body. As someone who
has worked with healers for thirty years, I find it rare to have a practitioner who can access all these different aspects of a bodymind
in one session. It is with out a doubt a powerful alignment of body, mind and spirit.”  Anonymous, New York City

Alexandra has the precious gift of healing and the determination to work with her skills with a rare comforting thoroughness that is her second nature. She is an angelic soul who is dedicated to help the fortunate beings who cross her path. I was one of them.           Jette Hartmann, Denmark

Last week I flew on an airplane… and for the first time since I was a little kid I was pleasantly calm, this is a huge deal for me, and I am sure those of you who also are fearful of flying it would be for you as well. Alexandra Velickovic at Stillpoint did some hypnosis with me and it seriously made a world of difference, she also does Reiki and other healing energetic work as well. Just completely AMAZING.

Kim Peirano LAc, San Francisco

Working with Alexandra is a powerful experience. After my session I felt as though every single ounce of stress or worry was completely out of my body and my mind. I felt returned back to my natural state of calm and peace, and the questions that I had swirling around in my mind…were settled. And the feeling lasted for weeks. Alexandra is the the most extraordinary healer I have ever worked with.

Suzanne Cunha-Bryant, San Francisco

I had a couple of very good sessions with Alexandra. I felt cared for and seen into. She is very personable and intuitive. My physical symptoms simmered down for a while after each session. I would recommend her to anyone, especially if you have a spiritual orientation.

Bob, San Francisco

Not only have I worked along side with Alexandra I have also seen her for treatment. She is a person of integrity and has an amazing talent and healing touch that really helped me with what I was going though at the time. I highly recommend her for Reiki and consoling; she is a true healer!

Andrew Castellanos A.Lc.


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